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John M Road Dismountable 12" Self Manoeuvring
Cutter Suction Dredger

Cutter Suction Dredger John M is equipped to operate under a wide variety of conditions. Basically, three different operating modes can be used:

Using the three chain driven spuds and the self manoeuvring ladder. Suitable for tidal area's where steel cables cannot be used for example, in marinas, or narrow channels and busy shipping lanes.

Using the two side winches, and the aft mounted spud carriage. Suitable for wider canals, or ponds, where combining the length of the hull and the ladders a swing of about 50m can be made in one operation.

Using the winches only, extreme wide swings of up to 150m wide can be made. Especially useful for maintenance dredging and rapid removal of soft top layers.


Click here to Download a PDF Leaflet for the John M


Length of pontoons
(inc spud carriage)
Length over all
(with extended dredge ladder)
Width over all
Draft without Spuds
Draft with short spear
Draft with long spear
Dredging depth max
Suction pipe diam.
Main engine Cummins KT19M
Cutter power 20.50 m
20.50 m

39.00 m

5.95 m
1.00 m
1.80 m
3.20 m
max 12.50 m
300 mm
425 hp @ 1800 r.p.m
60 hp @ 50 r.p.m.




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